Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tool #7

Although he doesn't know it yet, the author/blogger over at "Pirates can Happen to Anyone" and I are going to collaborate on a project involving our study of Frankenstein. Normally, we have the kids find pieces of criticism from the library's website and bring them to class for a Socratic discussion; however, I thought it would be interesting to have the kids try this through a collaborative online forum. Will it work? is it practical, feasible, or an appropriate substitute for the original assignment? Who knows...
  1. About the details of the project:
    1. Goal: Using a Google Documents form posted on the teacher's website, students will analyze and compare critical responses to Frankenstein.
    2. Possible implementation date - Week of January 30.
    3. Tools/Supplies needed - Access to databases through Library Resources page, selected criticism, access to teachers' websites through MHS Homepage, Google form posted therein.
    4. Brief description of the project:  
    • Students will use the databases available on the Library Resources page to research and select a piece of criticism related to the novel studied.
    • Students will read, analyze, and evaluate the argument presented and its overall effectiveness.
    • Once the previous item is completed, students will post their responses on the Google form available on their teacher's website.
    • Although I've not figured out how, the next step will be to post the responses so that students can use it as a way of finding other selections that match their needs and interests, compare different perspectives, etc.
  2. Any thoughts from my fellow bloggers on how to proceed?  What ideas did you all come up with?


  1. I am so impressed...I had no idea that you are so good with technology!! While I can't comment on your project because I am only on Tool #2, it sounds very cool!

  2. Laura, do you have an Edmodo account? After reading your proposed assignment, I am thinking Edmodo might be an option for you. Renae has the campus code for Edmodo to create your account and class groups. I don't think students can comment in Forms, but I may be wrong. However, they can in Edmodo. Once you create your group, give the code to your students and tell them to join your group. Don't forget to go back and reset the group code after a bit to avoid non-class members.

  3. It sounds interesting to have the students do their collaborate online. As an Edmodo user, I have to say I think you should try it. I think of Edmodo as "Facebook for School." My students use it on a regular basis. I post discussion questions, they pose their own questions,etc.