Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tool 2 -

Since I am not officially added to the blogroll yet, I had to do a bit of searching to find my fellow bloggers, but find them I did.  I made a few comments - mainly encouragement at this early stage, but it seems that is what some people need!  There is a lot of cyberangst out there! Encouragement is easy, but I look forward to leaving more pointed comments once the bloggers get further into the program.  I've made further comments about commenting below, but following Renae's advice, I have edited this post to answer the questions more directly. 

As for as social networking, I belong to Facebook; however, I don't use that professionally.  I know that some teachers do, but I'm just not sure that I want to enter thosee waters.  I kind of like my boundaries...  As far as following goes, I did add a digg reader on my blog to keep me up to breast with current events, and I think that is kind of fun. 

My first post, the one that doesn't specifically answer each prescribed question, is below:

Only 1 out of 100 people will comment on my blog?  Really?  Only 1 %?  As we teachers know, there is nothing more dispiriting than an apathetic (or nonexistent) audience, and since I have no shame, I'll  follow the advice shared by Darren Rowse in his article,  "10 Ways to Increase Comment Numbers on Your Blog."

1. Invite Comments – Please comment!  I invite you to!  Tell me what you found interesting, intriguing, compelling, irrational, whatever!
2. Ask Questions – What would you like to know more about?  Do you really want me to directly address the questions posed by Administration, or is there something more you would like to read?
3. Be Open Ended - Tell me your opinions - mine are not the only ones that count, and more than likely they will be obvious.
4. Interact with comments left - I love to talk, so I will respond, I promise!
5. Set Boundaries - I'm not sure about boundaries yet.  I've never had a blogger leave anything more inappropriate than an advertisement for Viagra, so we'll have to wait on that issue.
6. Be humble – I am human, so be nice.
7. Be gracious – I'll be nice in return
8. Be controversial? - Yes!  There is nothing I love more than a good old-fashioned debate
9. ‘Reward’ Comments – Sorry - I don't even use this feature on progress reports and report cards!
10. Make it Easy to Comment - I'm going to try to turn off the verification feature of my blog, and I hope others will do so as well.  It will make it easier for all...


  1. Good points made....I was wondering who Wordswork was. :-) Happy blogging!

  2. Wow, am I impressed with everything that you have posted. Very clever. I agree with the social networking point especially. I appreciated reading your "Comment Numbers" from the Snooper part.

  3. I love Hamlet the Cyber Pig, by the way. Yep, 1% will comment, 99% won't. This is one of those time you want to be associated with the 1%, right? LOL They are tough figures to swallow. Loved your commentary on the 10 Ways. Rock on!

  4. Your "advice" about receiving comments made me smile. At times I feel as though we spend so much time and commit such energy to our various professional (and not so professional) pursuits, that feedback serves to validate the effort involved. The 1% comment stat seems incredibly low but, at the same time, we are all incredibly busy