Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to Wordwork, my blog for the 11 Tools initiative. Setting up the blog, creating the voki, and creating the avatar all came easily -- all were requirements of the Library2Play programs that I completed over the last three summers, so I had some past experience with them. I did have to noodle around with the settings, reminding myself how to insert code, etc., but it only took a moment. Now I just need to e-mail Renae with my name and url, and I will be ready for step (tool?) number 2.

I understand that the second assignment has to do with establishing a community, something I will appreciate. One of the drawbacks of the L2P program was a lack of followers and commenters -- if my sister hadn't been participating, cybespace could have been a lonely place!

Anyway, onward...


  1. Love your Avatar! Is it bad that I'm following people I know I can learn from? Sneaky, huh?

  2. Your Avatar is the best. It is so you! If she were eating a can of soup and reading a novel, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.